In Waiting Mode

I’ve spent over 2 years writing Iona Portal, going through three major re-writes as I learned to transition from non-fiction to fiction.  My enthusiastic friends have grown weary of me asking, “would you read the new version of chapter one and tell me what you think?”  The manuscript is finished and polished.

So now it’s time to find an agent.  I never used an agent with my non-fiction books.  It was a niche market, and I’d attracted a good following.  But the publishers I’ve used for non-fiction don’t do sci-fi or fantasy.  And the publishing industry has changed.  These days you need an agent.

Success in non-fiction doesn’t mean automatic success in fiction.  An agent looking at a fiction manuscript doesn’t really care how many non-fiction books you’ve sold.  So after 20 years as an author, I’m starting back at square one.

After a lot of research, I picked an agent that seemed a good fit, sent the first 10 pages by email along with the synopsis and bio.  Now I’m waiting.

I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that almost everybody faces some rejection letters before they get to publication.  Even Harry Potter was rejected several times before Rowling’s first book was published.

I’ve considered self-publication.   I know I could do it, but I hate the time it would take.    Keep checking back here for updates on the publication process!



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