Back in the USA

Back from Thailand and (almost) over jet lag!  It was an incredible trip, but Dorothy was right:  “There’s no place like home!”  I don’t travel again ’till September.

Since I got back I’ve been working to further develop the IONAPORTAL website.  I’m pretty new at this “website” stuff, and trying to figure it out as I go, but I’ve loved how it’s turned out so far.

This week I’ve added a new page, “IONAPIC of the week.”  Each week I’ll post a selection of the graphic art designed for Iona Portal and the Synaxis Chronicles trilogy.  I posted the first pic right after I got back from Bangkok, and just posted another one for this coming week.  I hope you enjoy them, and believe they will give a hint at what lies ahead.

Concerning publication, I’m still actively pursuing an agent, but I’m also gearing up to self-publish on Kindle and Nook if that has not materialized by the end of the summer.

As we get closer to that time, I’ll post the first two chapters of Iona Portal on the website.

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