A Moving Experience

Moving is hard… even when it’s to a better place!  Our offices are moving this week to a nearby city… it will be wonderful when its done, but now its just a lot of work.  (But at least it gave me the chance …opportunity? …long overdue necessity?) of cleaning out my desk and file drawers.  But time will be in short supply the next few weeks.

In the midst of it all I’m still trying to work on the website.  WordPress is a great platform for blogs once you figure out how it works.  I learned enough to get this site up and running, but there’s still a lot of simple things I don’t how to do…  Like add links, RSS feeds, etc.  (Okay, experienced bloggers… stop laughing!  You were there once yourself!)  Just bought a copy of WordPress for Dummies and hope that will help.

As soon as I add these things to the website, I can get to work publishing Iona Portal on Kindle!   (By the way, if you haven’t sent me feedback on the proposed cover (see last blog) I’d really appreciate it.)

Hope you have a great week!  For me, I’ll just keep moving!

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