The time has come to PUBLISH!

This week I finalized the cover art, and had Iona Portal proofread… one last time.  It’s been proofread and edited several times, but each time I remained dissatisfied.  (Didn’t someone say, “There are no good writers, just persistent re-writers?”)  So I would take that edited, proofread manuscript and begin making changes.

And I’m STILL re-writing… Probably the most re-written part of the book has been the first five paragraphs.  I’m sure they’ve been re-written 20 times since Chapter One has been posted on the website!

But the time for re-writing is nearing its end.   Ten days and counting ’till my target date for Kindle publication.  (Feels like those anxious days when your wife is VERY pregnant and her due date is just a week away!)

This week my goal is to make the changes generated by the last round of proofreading. (Mostly punctuation… I’m terrible at that.)  Then I begin to format for Kindle!  I’ve read their material online, and found several blogs that sound helpful.  I’ll be evaluating their advice as I go, and post my own “step-by-step” when I’ve finished the process.

In the midst of it all, my daughter is graduating from college tomorrow with her masters degree!  Big week!

BTW – The Dallas heat wave finally broke today!  For the first time since early June, it didn’t hit 100!  And it rained!  Sounds like a good time to publish a book.

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