I’m really excited about IONA STRONGHOLD.  In many ways it’s even better than Iona Portal.  I’m just finishing the final re-write, and also finishing up some of the art work.  Here’s a sample of the art of the new book.rand standing guard at the lake house jpg


  1. Amazing! I just can’t wait to have the books in my hands …… the first book bless me a lot ,I cannot imagine the second part. God bless you… Mighty man of God…. and keep writing!

  2. Hey Robert!

    My book arrived yesterday, from GOZI and I was eager to get started. I started at 9pm Wednesday evening and finished it Thursday night at 11pm! It was so good I can’t wait to read the next one. I am in full time school and had to read it through my lunch and breaks and after my children were in bed! I love history, the character development, the intensity of the plot building, all so wonderfully well done! My absolute favorite part is the honesty you described and laid out the evil of the enemy. For me, it was refreshing for an author to call a kettle black rather than skim over the truth, and in the same breath, the intense peace and love and encouragement of the Irin was beautifully portrayed and helped my understanding of the battle going on around me. Thank you for writing this book!!! I can’t wait (but will enjoy the anticipation) of Iona Stronghold!
    Will you be doing advanced copies?



    • Hi, Aaron,
      Glad you liked it. Iona Stronghold is available now as an ebook on Amazon. (Can be read on a Kindle, or any tablet of smartphone using the free Kindle app.) It should be available in paperback on Amazon around the end of this month, and from GOZI around mid November. If you get a chance, drop by Amazon and leave a review! -Robert

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