The Unseen World

For millennia, almost all religions have argued the existence of an “unseen realm”–a “spiritual” realm existing alongside the reality we know.  Religions teach that this unseen realm is populated by humanoid beings known as angels and demons, who have the ability to enter our dimension and influence events here.

Now modern physics seems to confirm that an unseen realm actually exists.  In 1954, a Princeton University doctoral candidate named Hugh Everett III came up with a radical new idea:  the existence of parallel universes.  It seemed the only explanation for the data his experiments had produced.

Many physicists accepted his theory, and many have since tried to develop it further, but it was always considered unprovable.  Then in 2007 it was announced that a team led by Dr. David Deutsch of Oxford University (father of the quantum computer) had actually succeeded in proving the existence of these parallel worlds.  (See:  The Fabric of Reality: The Science of Parallel Universes and Its Implications, by David Deutsch.)

That opens the door to a re-interpretation of many of our oldest myths.  Quantum physics now suggests that there really is an unseen realm, or even many unseen realms:  parallel universes that occupy the same “space” as your own.  A parallel universe might operate with a whole different set of physical laws.  It could even have its own inhabitants.

Imagine that the creatures in that parallel universe had the ability to shift out of their own dimension, and enter our universe.  They would seem to materialize out of nowhere, and just as quickly disappear.  They would be exactly what our ancient legends describe as angels and demons.  That’s the basis of Iona Portal.