Lysandra Johnston – Lys is a 26 year-old receptionist at a major Colorado law firm.  She possesses an ability that could thwart the Archon plan for the destruction of the human race.  Lys has had that ability all her life, but never known it.  All she knows is that mysterious strangers keep trying to kill her.

Patrick O’Neil – Two years ago Patrick O’Neil was a twenty-nine year-old investment counselor with a corner office in one of the gleaming glass towers of Dallas.   He thought he had it all—until his marriage disintegrated in a messy divorce in which his wife got the house, the kids, and everything else important to him. .  Now, at 31, Patrick is driven by a series of surreal dreams to abandon everything and travel to the remote Scottish island of Iona.

Erin Vanderberg – Erin is a 42 year old Dallas socialite, married to one of the richest men in Texas.  She’s the envy of Dallas society, until she discovers her husband’s dark secret and barely escapes with her life.

Dr. Derek Holmes – Holmes is a 41 year-old clinical psychologist with an office in the city of Frisco on the northern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  His quiet life is shattered by a close encounter with powerful humanoid aliens that thrusts him into a battle beyond his imagining.  Holmes and his soul-mate, Ginny Ann Piper, are chosen by the Irin to assemble the first synaxis and lead it to Iona in a desperate attempt to save the human race.

Michael Fletcher – Michael is an angelologist.  He’s studied angels and demons all his life and written three books on the subject.  But he isn’t prepared to meet one.

Eliel (An Irin warrior) – With wings concealed, Eliel appears to be an attractive 21 year-old woman, but she’s visited our world for thousands of years and walked the streets of ancient Babylon and Rome.

Kareina (An Archon Commander) – Kareina is a killer.  She enters the earth-realm to remove those who pose a threat to Archon plans.

Other Irin Warriors:  Araton, Mendrion, Rand, and Khalil

Other Archon Warriors:   Pele, Botis, and Turell